My name is Ami.  Yes, with an “i” which will forever deny me a keychain with my name spelled correctly on it.  I’m a mother to three (one boy and two girls) and a wife to one (a plumber.)

I am a homeschooler (don’t doubt my sanity, I’m almost completely normal.) And a Mormon (I did say “almost.”) I love to pinch pennies until they scream, then give another little pinch for good measure.  I’d call myself domestic, but most assuredly NOT crafty (I received a ‘needs improvement’ in cutting during kindergarten.  It has left me eternally scarred.) Books are my passion.  As is popcorn.


This blog is about the stuff in my life that I love:  children, gardens, canning, recipes, saving money, television shows, movies, and books.  (Yes- it is a hodge-podge of a blog.  That’s why you’re going to love it.)

In conclusion, I believe if more people watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the world would be a happier place.


2 Responses to About

  1. Aleece says:

    Ami! You bring me so much happiness. Cant wait for more.

  2. Kelli D says:

    I am Kelli… yes, also with an I. I feel you on the key chain thing. lol

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