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The book a day challenge.

School’s out for summer!  Schooooool’s out for EVER!  (Actually, it’s just out for eight weeks, but since I grew up in the 70’s and 80’s, Alice Cooper has greatly impacted how I say that first sentence.) Oh Gentle Reader, I … Continue reading

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They will listen.

My husband looked at our twelve year old daughter the other night and had one of those parenting moments.  You know the ones, where you look at your offspring and see them not only as your child, but as their … Continue reading

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This must be how Martha Stewart feels all year.

There is a week in the spring when all the planets align and my flower garden in the front yard achieves near perfection. Lilacs bloom with the first wave of peonies, while the iris let their gorgeous grandeur be felt, … Continue reading

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My favorite quotes for Mother’s Day.

I have lots of thoughts and feelings about mothers.  I have one, I am one.  My first and strongest belief is that some of the best mothers on this planet have never given birth to a child.  I know some of … Continue reading

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When the dog bites, when the bee stings (when I’m feeling sad.)

April has been a tough month over here, Gentle reader.  I feel as though all those spring showers have not only flooded my yard, but they’ve soaked my soul a bit.  Too much distressing news, too much stress, too many … Continue reading

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Spring Break reading.

We are not on Spring Break, here at Bunkersdown.  We took our break in February when we escaped to Florida for a few days.  However, everyone else in Indianapolis is on their Spring Break this week and a good number of … Continue reading

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Spring madness.

It’s spring, Gentle Reader.  It’s spring!  The daffodils are beginning to bloom, the sun has decided to shine in Indiana once again, the grocery stores are full of jelly beans, tiny buds are growing on the trees,  and the chickens … Continue reading

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