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Stepping on Horcruxes.

Gentle Reader, I am alive. A few of you have expressed concern at my longer than normal silence (which did make me feel loved, unless you are all a bunch of stalkers and then I feel alarmed.)  But I am … Continue reading

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Flashback Friday: Connections

This is one of the oldest photographs in my possession. It is a picture of my great Grandmother Newell.  She is the young lady standing in the back wearing the dark blouse.  She is absolutely gorgeous and looks like something straight out … Continue reading

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It had to happen someday…

I have a blog.  I’m a blogger.  (Which, for some reason, when I say that word, I get flashbacks to my youth and the many hours spent on our family’s Atari system.)  But I digress…  I BLOG, people. To me, … Continue reading

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