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Gardening. It’s what’s for dinner.

Here in Indiana, spring has been beautiful this year.  Flat out gorgeous, in fact. Typically, spring is an iffy situation where I live.  Some years summer comes on so hard and fast that it’s practically non-existent.  The air conditioner is … Continue reading

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Warning: Extreme multitasking is bad for your car. And your friend’s garage.

I am a multi-tasker.  No, strike that, I am a champion multi-tasker.  If multi-tasking was an Olympic event I would probably have more medals than Michael Phelps (but in all honesty, I wouldn’t be as fun to watch.  Swimmers have … Continue reading

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The Night Avenger of the grocery store.

You see the title of my post?  Yeah, so, that is what I’d like you all to call me from now on.  Those of you who are my close friends can just call me N. A.  (Technically I do my … Continue reading

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My inner squirrel has been unleashed.

So canning season is over.  (This is where I start singing the Hallelujah Chorus loudly and with extreme gusto.)  Let me say for the record that I am immensely happy that all canning has ceased for the year.  So happy, that … Continue reading

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When you’re too poor to be Martha Stewart.

I have great ambitions to be like Martha Stewart, just not with felony charges or jail time.  The woman is a good cook, a great gardener, and she’s crafty.  Oh, so crafty. However, my wallet does not let me achieve … Continue reading

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