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This must be how Martha Stewart feels all year.

There is a week in the spring when all the planets align and my flower garden in the front yard achieves near perfection. Lilacs bloom with the first wave of peonies, while the iris let their gorgeous grandeur be felt, … Continue reading

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Breakfast of champions.

A thunderstorm is making a beeline to Indianapolis, so early this morning I went out to the garden to batten down the hatches. That’s when I saw it- our very first, ripe Black Krim tomato.  It was like the heavens parted … Continue reading

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And after grief, comes tomatoes.

This weekend I was in the garden (the poor, neglected, half-planted garden) when I discovered that we’ve got little tomatoes growing on most of the plants. It felt like receiving a little present, all those baby, green tomatoes.  And after the … Continue reading

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Favorite time of year.

This is my favorite time of year. The peonies, the irises, the columbine, and our lilac bush all beginning to bloom.  We have also planted the annuals that adorn a few baskets we have hanging on our porch.  For the … Continue reading

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Radishes are good for my mental health.

I’m going to make a confession, Gentle Reader.  Sometimes I put things on my to-do list that I have already completed, just so I can immediately cross things out.  It’s a confidence builder and it lets me think to myself, … Continue reading

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Tomato therapy.

Today is a gorgeous morning.  The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and the air still carries a small hint of rain from the storm that passed through last night.  There are green sprouts in my garden beds- visible, … Continue reading

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Winter weary.

This weekend Indianapolis suffered through another snowstorm, followed by temperatures in the single digits.  In fact, local meteorologists have proudly pointed out (as if they’ve had something to do with it) that this has been the snowiest winter on record. … Continue reading

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