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A small victory in the pre-algebra war.

I sit at the kitchen table next to my son.  We are both in our pajamas.  The backdoor curtains are open and sunlight pools directly onto his pre-algebra textbook; a spotlight of sorts, highlighting the most challenging thing we do all … Continue reading

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The Fall fall apart.

It is officially Fall, Gentle Reader.  I know this because I have begun to officially fall apart.  Autumn is my perfect storm. School is in full force.  My days are filled with reading out loud, grading papers, and teaching math concepts. … Continue reading

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Flashback Friday: Elementary school in a flash.

Today is our last day of school for the 2013-2014 year.  We are obviously finishing academically strong by taking a field trip today to see The Lego Movie at the dollar theater.  (Ha!  Sarcasm.)  We are also playing board games … Continue reading

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A belly full of fear.

Yesterday my seven year old daughter opened the fridge with enough force to break the doo-hickey that turns on the light inside.  She slunk into the library, hands crossed protectively across her stomach to tell me what happened, but then cautioned, … Continue reading

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The impromptu math quiz.

It doesn’t happen all the time.  It doesn’t even happen often.  But it happens enough for me to hate it: the impromptu math quiz given to my children by complete strangers once they learn we homeschool. This time it happened … Continue reading

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Crafty Christmas express.

This whole “celebrating Christmas everyday” thing has been great in helping us achieve our art project quota this month.  I feel like we’re on board the Crafty Christmas Express,  <insert proper train noise here.>  Who knew there were so many … Continue reading

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The easiest Christmas craft you ever did see.

Art has always been my Achille’s heel as a homeschooler.  Last year I made an honest to goodness, concerted effort to include more art projects in our curriculum.  And I like to think that I was somewhat successful in my … Continue reading

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