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My favorite quotes for Mother’s Day.

I have lots of thoughts and feelings about mothers.  I have one, I am one.  My first and strongest belief is that some of the best mothers on this planet have never given birth to a child.  I know some of … Continue reading

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Signs that winter is imminent.

The signs are all around us, Gentle Reader.  Winter is coming!  (Say this in your best Game of Thrones voice.) Here’s how we know winter is almost here at Bunkersdown. 1-  The heater clicks on every morning now. 2-  The … Continue reading

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Summer Tally.

School starts tomorrow. Yes, The Bunkersdown Academy for Bright but Strange Children will be opening its doors tomorrow.  Let the pre-algebra mayhem begin!  (As I typed that my blood pressure rose fifteen points and my palms got all clammy.  <gulp> … Continue reading

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Lost in translation, Bunkersdown style

Every family speaks their own language.  I’m not talking about English or Chinese or Spanish.  I’m talking about the little phrases and deliberate mispronunciations that every family develops throughout time. Here is a translation of how we speak over here at … Continue reading

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Wasted Worry.

It’s not news that I worry.  A lot.  I have written about my talent for worrying before. Critics would maintain that I obsess over things, but if you were being kind you could just say that I over-think things too much. … Continue reading

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My weekend verbs.

This weekend I’ve been feeling: Delighted at the chance of 50% off jellybeans at the supermarkets on Monday. Refreshed after a delicious Easter dinner with family and friends. Relieved that the husband did most of the clean up from the aforementioned Easter … Continue reading

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Reflections after watching “Frozen” for the four millionth time.

Spring break.  It happened to us, Gentle Reader, oh it happened.  An entire week away from school and chores and forty degree temperatures.  A week of sun and sunburns (despite copious amounts of lotion applied.)  A week of beaches and … Continue reading

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