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Fall is my favorite.

We seem to be having a lovely, leisurely, albeit early autumn here in Indiana.  In the morning the air feels downright chilly and you can see all the children at the bus stops wearing their jackets and sweatshirts.  Later in … Continue reading

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The realization of a dream.

For one year, in college, I lived in a small, two bedroom apartment with three other girls on a tiny dead end street right off of South Temple in downtown Salt Lake City. South Temple was a busy street with … Continue reading

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Sometimes the Rolling Stones are Right.

When I was young I wanted, quite badly, to be the mother of nine children.  I had their names and genders all picked out (because when you’re ten, wishing is enough to make it so.)  It is quite uncanny how … Continue reading

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A belly full of fear.

Yesterday my seven year old daughter opened the fridge with enough force to break the doo-hickey that turns on the light inside.  She slunk into the library, hands crossed protectively across her stomach to tell me what happened, but then cautioned, … Continue reading

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Swimming in a sea of monkey arms.

A few months back, my friend Robin wrote a blog post that really resonated with me.  She posted how there was a simple sewing chore she needed to accomplish, but never seemed to have the time to do.  As a … Continue reading

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Radishes are good for my mental health.

I’m going to make a confession, Gentle Reader.  Sometimes I put things on my to-do list that I have already completed, just so I can immediately cross things out.  It’s a confidence builder and it lets me think to myself, … Continue reading

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Emotionally compromised.

I love Spring, honestly and promisedly.  It is, perhaps, my favorite season of the year.  The flowering trees, the daffodils and tulips, the return of decent weather, all the baby birds and animals- seriously there is just so much to … Continue reading

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