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Flashback Friday: Candy corn is the worst.

I’ve been missing my sweet Daddy today. It’s been three and a half years since he passed and when I think about all the things he hasn’t been able to participate in or be a part of, it makes me cry. … Continue reading

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And after grief, comes tomatoes.

This weekend I was in the garden (the poor, neglected, half-planted garden) when I discovered that we’ve got little tomatoes growing on most of the plants. It felt like receiving a little present, all those baby, green tomatoes.  And after the … Continue reading

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Flashback Friday #3

Here is the terrible truth about losing someone:  for the rest of your life, in moments of great happiness or love, you will always think, “If only they were here, everything would be perfect.” For the rest of your life, … Continue reading

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The grocery list memorial.

I go into my mother’s kitchen to grab a few last things for dinner. My family and I are spending this Memorial Day with my mother, grilling steaks and roasting marshmallows.  The kids have been playing outside for the past … Continue reading

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Happy birthday.

Today is my Dad’s birthday.  I still haven’t quite figured out how to observe that day now that he has passed away.  The celebrating and remembering happy times tends to devolve into tears and heartache. Missing people you love sucks. … Continue reading

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Bald is beautiful.

My family is an Indianapolis Colts football family, (some of us more than others, and some of us against our will.)  In particular, my husband and son are avid fans.  On most Sundays, from September through January, you will find … Continue reading

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Christmas is here again- almost.

We put our Christmas decorations up last night.  Yes, I realize that we haven’t even had Thanksgiving yet.  Yes, I realize this breaks every unwritten holiday law there is.  To heck with the rules- we did it anyway. Don’t hate … Continue reading

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