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Birthday shenanigans.

Occasionally the planets align and the fabulous birthday idea that germinated inside your brain for your somewhat persnickety, turning-twelve-years-old-and-it’s-a-big-deal daughter, is just as fabulous when executed in real life. (Please tell me, Gentle Reader, that I am not the only … Continue reading

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Skipping February.

My family and I spent the good part of last week in Florida. (The bad part of last week we huddled together for warmth here in Indianapolis.) I’m a firm believer in taking Spring Breaks in February, despite the fact … Continue reading

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All things merry and bright.

I love Christmas lights.  They are twinkly, cheery, happy, and beautiful.  Just seeing their soft glow makes everything instantly a little better. For example, when I was in college one year, I put a small strand of cheap, white Christmas … Continue reading

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A comedy of camping errors. Or, how to lose your sanity in twenty-two short hours.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that you must be a wee bit of a masochist if you chose to go camping in Indiana during July or August.  (Unless, of course, you have an air conditioned R.V.  Then you’re just … Continue reading

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The Last Swim Meet of the season.

So remember last week how I was rejoicing that swim meets were over while mourning the end of summer? Yeah.  I lied.  I’m a liar.  You’re probably receiving a Facebook status update right now informing you that Ami’s pants are on … Continue reading

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Flashback Friday: Reunited and it feels so good.

(This is one of my earliest family reunions caught on film.  I am the adorable bald baby in the front row.  At some point during this reunion I am put on the back of a pony and apparently lose my … Continue reading

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The Cure for America.

I think most things that are wrong with America, right now, could be fixed by visiting a Fourth of July parade in a small Midwestern town.  Preferably one of those small towns (in Iowa, of course) that still hangs flower … Continue reading

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