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They will listen.

My husband looked at our twelve year old daughter the other night and had one of those parenting moments.  You know the ones, where you look at your offspring and see them not only as your child, but as their … Continue reading

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My favorite quotes for Mother’s Day.

I have lots of thoughts and feelings about mothers.  I have one, I am one.  My first and strongest belief is that some of the best mothers on this planet have never given birth to a child.  I know some of … Continue reading

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Maternal pondering on a Monday morning.

Right now the children are scavenging hungrily in the kitchen, trying to find something to eat for breakfast.  The pancakes and granola are gone, as is the emergency box of Cheerios that was set aside for such catastrophes, and I … Continue reading

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Redefining success.

When I was twelve my father tried to teach me to dive in the swimming pool next door to my aunt’s house.  We spent hours at it, all afternoon, while he tried to keep his patience and I made no … Continue reading

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The biggest secret of parenting I’ve learned.

When I was younger I thought that being a parent meant imposing discipline and order and teaching upon my offspring.  When I grew up and had children of my own, I discovered that I was right.  And wrong. Parenting, good … Continue reading

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I’m a Professional Mom.

It’s early on a Monday morning, Gentle Reader.  (That line immediately makes me start singing Easy like Sunday Morning silently to myself.  I wonder what it would be like if my head wasn’t jam packed with a million-gajillion songs?) As I … Continue reading

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Flashback Friday: What they remember.

When I was little I remember playing with my sisters.  I remember playing house and pretending that we were orphans.  I remember gathering up all our stuffed animals in the attic, where we had hung bed sheets, and pretending we … Continue reading

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