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When the dog bites, when the bee stings (when I’m feeling sad.)

April has been a tough month over here, Gentle reader.  I feel as though all those spring showers have not only flooded my yard, but they’ve soaked my soul a bit.  Too much distressing news, too much stress, too many … Continue reading

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Spring madness.

It’s spring, Gentle Reader.  It’s spring!  The daffodils are beginning to bloom, the sun has decided to shine in Indiana once again, the grocery stores are full of jelly beans, tiny buds are growing on the trees,  and the chickens … Continue reading

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The winter of our (upper respiratory) discontent.

Oh Gentle Reader, January has not been kind to us here at Bunkersdown.  Not kind at all.  A week after everybody had somewhat recuperated from the nasty flu that’s been hitting Indianapolis hard, we caught another virus that has laid … Continue reading

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The Fall fall apart.

It is officially Fall, Gentle Reader.  I know this because I have begun to officially fall apart.  Autumn is my perfect storm. School is in full force.  My days are filled with reading out loud, grading papers, and teaching math concepts. … Continue reading

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Opinions, beliefs, and kindness.

I have changed my mind and my opinion many times in my life. I take some pride in being able to say that.  James Russell Lowell once said, “The foolish and the dead alone never change their opinions.”  I am … Continue reading

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When did violence become sexy?

Yesterday was library day, one of my favorite days.  I know my kids enjoy it too.  They’ll complain whenever I pile them into the car; moaning and whining that all they do is go on errands, that their life is passing them by while … Continue reading

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How the modesty police are hurting my son.

Gentle Reader, I have startling news:  I may have to delete my Facebook account.  Which is really sad and disheartening to me because I don’t know of another social media outlet with as many adorable pictures of cats.  What will … Continue reading

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