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Apologetic explanations and some catching up.

Oh Gentle Reader, it was never my intention to become a random once-a-week blogger, really.  However, this fall has been the craziest, most intense, and busiest time I’ve  ever experienced.  Teaching pre-algebra, introduction to chemistry, and one exceptionally curious second grader … Continue reading

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An overdue chat.

It’s been so long, Gentle Reader, since we’ve had a good, rambling (albeit one sided) chat, so let’s talk.  I’m imagining us standing on the banks of the pond in my neighborhood, throwing bread crusts to ducks swimming by, while keeping … Continue reading

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A good gab session.

Let’s chat, Gentle Reader.  It’s been so long since we’ve just sat down together and had a good gab session, so I vote that we rectify that situation right now. For our little chat I’m imagining you are wearing work … Continue reading

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Random bits and pieces.

Oh Gentle Reader, it’s been so long since we’ve had a good chat.  Let’s remedy that promptly, shall we? For this chat, I’m imagining ourselves walking barefoot down a beach. There’s a slight breeze off the water and the area … Continue reading

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Vegetative pressure.

Gentle reader, I’ve been racking my brain trying to come up with an entertaining and fascinating post but all I have are random bits of this and that.  Which, of course, means that it’s time for one of our stream … Continue reading

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Six degrees of random separation.

A few random thoughts, gentle reader: 1- Did you know there’s a reporter on one of the news channels here with the last name of Brilliant?  Now I’m obsessed with that last name.  I waste valuable time every day imagining … Continue reading

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An early morning rambling chat.

Gentle reader, it’s four in the morning and I am unable to sleep.  Not even the soporific snores of my “fluffy” (read extremely obese) cat are able to soothe me back to dreamland.  (Let me interject here that if more … Continue reading

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