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This summer is for reading. (And Michael Westen.)

We’re almost two weeks into summer vacation.  Thus far, I’ve read ten books  and watched two entire seasons of Burn Notice on Netflix.  As you can see, it’s been highly productive break thus far (just don’t ask me how often I’ve cleaned … Continue reading

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S-A-T-U-R-D-A-Y Night!

When I was little, Saturdays were the best.  Not only was there no school on Saturday, there were also cartoons that started at six o’clock in the morning.  And if we got up too early, we would just watch the … Continue reading

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A little Scott Hamilton gets me through the day.

The Winter Olympics are over and all of us over here at Bunkersdown are readjusting to going to bed at a decent hour. All of us have our personal favorite moments or people from the games.  Will’s heroes are anyone … Continue reading

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Gold medal cry baby.

This weekend, my family and I have been totally engrossed in the Olympics.  We’ve watched so much Olympics that our language has changed.  The kids and I find ourselves saying things like, “Look at the synchronicity in those twizzles!” or “She’s … Continue reading

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Applesaucing the night away.

Remember a year ago, gentle reader, when I wrote a ranty post about how I hated making applesauce and that applesauce was messy and pretty much that applesauce was the devil?  And then I vowed I’d never buy bushels and … Continue reading

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An early morning rambling chat.

Gentle reader, it’s four in the morning and I am unable to sleep.  Not even the soporific snores of my “fluffy” (read extremely obese) cat are able to soothe me back to dreamland.  (Let me interject here that if more … Continue reading

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What’s new pussycat? (Whoa, whoa, whoa.)

Gentle reader, I must apologize for my lack of communication lately.  Summer is here, and quite frankly it’s kicking my bum. Between tennis lessons three days a week and swimming lessons four days a week, I am spending an obscene … Continue reading

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