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My favorite quotes for Mother’s Day.

I have lots of thoughts and feelings about mothers.  I have one, I am one.  My first and strongest belief is that some of the best mothers on this planet have never given birth to a child.  I know some of … Continue reading

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Spring madness.

It’s spring, Gentle Reader.  It’s spring!  The daffodils are beginning to bloom, the sun has decided to shine in Indiana once again, the grocery stores are full of jelly beans, tiny buds are growing on the trees,  and the chickens … Continue reading

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Redefining success.

When I was twelve my father tried to teach me to dive in the swimming pool next door to my aunt’s house.  We spent hours at it, all afternoon, while he tried to keep his patience and I made no … Continue reading

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At least it’s not snowing.

Rain. Lots of rain. Sooooo much rain. I am starting to feel a little bit like Noah, except I haven’t prepared an ark.  I’m a procrastinating Noah who ends up floating around on a hastily built raft, pulling aboard drenched … Continue reading

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A house in chaos (and angsty French cats.)

Well, gentle reader, I am sad to report that I have no organizational project for you this Friday.  Oh, it is not for lack of trying.  Indeed there are several half completed projects around the house.  However, this week seemed … Continue reading

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